C++ How to Program (9th Edition) [pdf]

C++ How to Program
C++ How to Program
Author: Paul Deitel
This bestseller on c++ provides a clear, simple, engaging and entertaining introduction to c++11 programming with hundreds of fully coded programs. Features of book-rich coverage of fundamentals. A clear, example-driven presentation of objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Conforms to the new c++11 standards. Standard library containers, iterators, and algorithms. Adheres to key cert secure c++ coding guidelines. Code tested on key free compilers: gnu g++, Microsoft visual c++ and apple llvm. Gnu gdb, visual c++ and Xcode debugging. Making a difference exercises set. Exception handling, strings, files, data structures. Extensive real world 00 case studies, including the optional design atm case study.
Table of contents introduction to computers and c++introduction to c++ programming, input/output and operators introduction to classes, objects and strings control statements: part 1: assignment, ++ and operators control statements: part 2, logical operators functions and an introduction to recursion class templates array and vector, catching exceptions pointers classes: a deeper look, throwing exception operator overloading, class string object-oriented programming: inheritance object-oriented programming: polymorphic stream input/output: a deeper look file processing standard library containers and iterators standard library algorithm exception handling: a deeper look introduction to custom template custom templatized data structures searching and sorting class string and string stream processing: a deeper look bits, characters, c strings and struck other topics

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