Mobile Development

A collection of app development books that you can use to learn mobile app development, you also learn how to create an app without coding, these collections of books will help you build your skills and learn a new one.

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Latest Books

Objective-C for Absolute Beginners, 3rd edition

Book Description: You have a great idea for an app, but how do you bring it to fruition? Objective-C is the universal language of iPhone,...

Pro SQL Server Internals, 2nd edition

Book Description: Improve your ability to develop, manage, and troubleshoot SQL Server solutions by learning how different components work “under the hood,” and how they...

Pro MEAN Stack Development

Book Description: This book teaches you to write free, open-source, cross-platform, dynamic JavaScript applications that can run anywhere. Using the MEAN stack – MongoDB, ExpressJS,...

Practical Information Security Management

Book Description: Create appropriate, security-focused business propositions that consider the balance between cost, risk, and usability, while starting your journey to become an information security...

Learn Apple HomeKit on iOS

Book Description: This book is the complete guide to Apple’s home automation technology, HomeKit. You’ll learn the HomeKit platform structure and how it supports devices―existing and...