DevOps with OpenShift [PDF]

DevOps with OpenShift
DevOps with OpenShift

Who Should Read This Book

If you are keen to awaken your inner DevOps then this book is for you. It is intended for programmers who want to learn how to use OpenShift to automate the software delivery process to achieve continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

Note that we deliberately take an application workload-centric view of the problem. Concerns related to the overall management and operation of the OpenShift system will be the subject of a forthcoming title in O’Reilly’s OpenShift series.

We will step you through how to develop container-based applications that can be easily and safely changed via pipelines and powerful deployment patterns. Starting with a few simple steps to launch OpenShift as an all-in-one image on your worksta‐
tion, we will cover examples for application environment configuration, persistent volume claims, and A/B, blue-green, and rolling or replacement deployment strategies. Techniques for third-party toolchain integration using webhooks will be explained and demonstrated.

This book builds on the material covered in OpenShift for Developers and so assumes some background knowledge of basic OpenShift development concepts such as:

  • Developing and deploying an application.
  • Using application templates.
  • Managing application workloads
  • Working with Docker images.

As with the previous title, we also assume you are familiar with basic Linux or Windows shell commands, and how to install additional software on your computer. The software you install will provide you with a complete working OpenShift environment that you can use locally for development or testing.

We have used a PHP and a Node.js application for many of the examples in this book. You do not need to be proficient in PHP or Node.js. If you are familiar with any of the popular programming languages you will do just fine.

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