JavaScript Step by Step, 3rd Edition [PDF]

fundamentals of JavaScript
fundamentals of JavaScript

Your hands-on guide to JavaScript fundamentals

Expand your expertise—and teach yourself the fundamentals of JavaScript. If you have previous programming experience but are new to JavaScript, this tutorial delivers the step-by-step guidance and coding exercises you need to master core topics and techniques.

Discover how to:

  • Work with JavaScript syntax, variables, and data types
  • Master techniques for building cross-browser programs
  • Speed up and simplify app development with jQuery
  • Quickly retrieve data from a server using AJAX requests
  • Adapt your app for mobile devices with jQuery Mobile
  • Build Windows 8 apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Javawhat? The where, why, and how of JavaScript
    • Chapter 1: JavaScript is more than you might think
    • Chapter 2: Developing in JavaScript
    • Chapter 3: JavaScript syntax and statements
    • Chapter 4: Working with variables and data types
    • Chapter 5: Using operators and expressions
    • Chapter 6: Controlling flow with conditionals and loops
    • Chapter 7: Working with functions
    • Chapter 8: Objects in JavaScript
    • Chapter 9: The Browser Object Model
    • Chapter 10: An introduction to JavaScript libraries and frameworks
    • Chapter 11: An introduction to jQuery
  • Integrating JavaScript into Design
    • Chapter 12: The Document Object Model
    • Chapter 13: JavaScript events and the browser
    • Chapter 14: Working with images in JavaScript
    • Chapter 15: Using JavaScript with web forms
    • Chapter 16: JavaScript and CSS
    • Chapter 17: jQuery effects and plug-ins
    • Chapter 18: Mobile development with jQuery Mobile
    • Chapter 19: Getting data into JavaScript
  • AJAX and Server-Side Integration
    • Chapter 20: Using AJAX
    • Chapter 21: Developing for Windows 8
  • JavaScript and Windows 8
    • Chapter 22: Using Visual Studio for Windows 8 development
    • Chapter 23: Creating a Windows app
  • Answer key to exercises
  • Writing JavaScript with other tools
  • About the Author


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