Python Web Development with Django [PDF]

Python Web Development with Django
Python Web Development with Django

About This Book

Several Django books are already on the market, but ours differs from most in that we focus equally on three areas: Django basics, a variety of example applications, and advanced Django topics. Our intent is to make this the most well-rounded book on the
subject, one you find useful regardless of background, and which will give you a complete picture of the framework and what you can do with it.

Python Skills Are Django Skills

Django provides a high-level framework that enables you to build Web applications with relatively few lines of code. It is simple, robust, and flexible, allowing you to design solutions without much overhead. Django was built using Python, an object-oriented applications development language which combines the power of systems languages, such as C/C++ and Java, with the ease and rapid development of scripting languages, such as Ruby and Visual Basic. This gives its users the ability to create applications that solve many different types of problems.

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