Android Development with Kotlin [PDF]

Android Development with Kotlin
Android Development with Kotlin

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Beginning Your Kotlin Adventure, discusses Kotlin language, its features and reasons to use it. We’ll introduce reader to the Kotlin platform and show how Kotlin fits into Android development process.

Chapter 2, Laying a Foundation, is largely devoted to the building blocks of the Kotlin. It presents various constructs, data types, and features that make Kotlin an enjoyable language to work with.

Chapter 3, Playing with Functions, explains various ways to define and call a function. We will also discuss function modifiers and look at possible locations where function can be defined.

Chapter 4, Classes and Objects, discusses the Kotlin features related to object-oriented programming. You will learn about different types of class. We will also see features that improve readability: properties operator overloading and infix calls.

Chapter 5, Functions as First-Class Citizens, covers Kotlin support for functional programming and functions as first-class citizens. We will take a closer look at lambdas, higher order functions, and function types.

Chapter 6, Generics Are Your Friends, explores the subjects of generic classes, interfaces, and functions. We will take a closer look at the Kotlin generic type system.

Chapter 7, Extension Functions and Properties, demonstrates how to add new behavior to an existing class without using inheritance. We will also discuss simpler ways to deal with collections and stream processing.

Chapter 8, Delegates, shows how Kotlin simplifies class delegation due to built-in language support. We will see how to use it both by using built-in property delegates and by defining custom ones.

Chapter 9, Making Your Marvel Gallery Application, utilizes most of the features discussed in the book and use it to build a fully functional Android application in Kotlin.

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