Angular Styling Jumpstart (Angular University Book 5) [pdf]

Angular Styling
Angular Styling Jumpstart

Angular University (Author)


Book description

This book is aimed at developers that are looking for a Quickstart Guide For learning How to Style an Angular Application.

What is the core value proposition of this book?

Sit down in one evening with this book (this Jumpstart is condensed to 33 pages), and learn in a single read everything that you will likely need for Styling an Angular Application. Gain a practical understanding of the Angular style isolation mechanism, learn when to use it and why and what problems does it solve. Learn the many ways available for using the angular core styling directives.

Why a Fast-track Guide to Angular Styling?

You probably noticed over the years that as applications grow and new styles are added to support new requirements, the CSS very quickly gets out of hand as it becomes harder to maintain. One of the main reasons for that is that there is no native CSS support for things like variables and functions that are available in most other languages.

But another key reason is that the styles of a component are not isolated: Many styles cascade to child elements by default and that is not always the intended behavior. We often end up applying a style to implement a requirement, and then find out that there are unexpected side effects: The new styles accidentally break something else, that we then either have to patch or refactor everything to make it more maintainable. The Angular style isolation mechanism provides a much better alternative to that, and that is what we will be learning in this guide!

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