Beautiful JavaScript [PDF]

Beautiful JavaScript

Beautiful JavaScript: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think Book Description:

JavaScript is arguably the most polarizing and misunderstood programming language in the world. Many have attempted to replace it as the language of the Web but it has survived, evolved, and thrived. Why did a language created in such hurry succeed where others failed?

This guide gives you a rare glimpse into JavaScript from people intimately familiar with it. Chapters contributed by domain experts such as Jacob Thornton, Ariya Hidayat, and Sara Chipps show what they love about their favorite language—whether it’s turning the most feared features into useful tools, or how JS can be used for self-expression.

Contributors include:

Angus Croll
Jonathan Barronville
Sara Chipps
Marijn Haverbeke
Ariya Hidayat
Daryl Koopersmith
Anton Kovalyov
Rebecca Murphey
Daniel Pupius
Graeme Roberts
Jenn Schiffer
Jacob Thornton
Ben Vinegar
Rick Waldron
Nicholas Zakas


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