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Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing SECURITY [PDF]

Cloud computing is being acclaimed as the penultimate solution to the problems of uncertain traffic spikes, computing overloads, and potentially expensive investments in hardware for data...
Computer Security

Computer and Network Security Essentials [PDF]

Computer security can be viewed as a set of mechanisms that protect computer systems from unauthorized access, theft, damage and disruption of the services...
Cyber Security

A History of Cyber Security Attacks 1980 to Present [PDF]

Stories of cyberattacks command the features. Regardless of whether it is a robbery of huge measures of by and by identifiable data or the...
DNS Security


The objective of this book is to help you understand how DNS works, its vulnerabilities, threats and attack vectors, and how to incorporate detection,...
cyber security

Cyber Security For You [PDF]

Cyber security can be very mysterious. The constant news about hacking can be very frightening. Either can leave you wondering if you will be...
cyber security engineering book

cyber security engineering book [PDF]

The Goals and Purpose for This Book Security problems are on the front page of newspapers daily. A primary cause is that software is not...
Security 101 handbook

Defensive Security Handbook [PDF]

Who This Book Is For This book is designed to serve as a Security 101 handbook that is applicable to as many environments as possible,...
IT Security Risk Control Management - An Audit Preparation Plan

IT Security Risk Control Management – An Audit Preparation Plan [PDF]

How this Book Is Laid Out  This book follows a chronological progression of building a security program and getting ready for audit. Part I: Getting...
Linux Security

Linux Server Security (Hack and Defend) [PDF]

Who Should Read This Book This book was written for mid-level admins, software hackers, and other IT professionals. It is, however, hopefully, written in such...
installing and managing Kali Linux

Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook [PDF]

Book Description With the ever-increasing amount of data flowing in today’s world, information security has become vital to any application. This is where Kali Linux...

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