Cyber Security Policy Guidebook [PDF]

Cyber Security
Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers generally to the ability to control access to networked systems and the information they contain. Where cyber security controls are effective, cyberspace is considered a reliable, resilient, and trustworthy digital infrastructure. Where cyber security controls are absent, incomplete, or poorly designed, cyberspace is considered the wild west of the digital
age. Even those who work in the security profession will have a different view of cyber security depending on the aspects of cyberspace with which they personally interact. Whether a system is a physical facility or a collection of cyberspace components, the role of a security professional assigned to that system is to plan for potential attack and prepare for its consequences…

What Is Cyber Security Policy?

Cyber has created productivity enhancements throughout society, effectively distributing information on a just-in-time basis. No matter what industry or application in which cyber is introduced, increased productivity has been in the focus. The rapid delivery of information to cyberspace often reduces overall system security. To technologists engaged in productivity enhancements, security measures often seem in direct opposition to progress due to prevention measures that reduce, inhibit, or delay user access,
detection measures that consume vital system resources, and response requirements that divert management attention from system features that provide more immediately satisfying system capabilities. The tension between demand for cyber functionality and requirements for security is addressed through cyber security policy…

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