Web development

React.js Essentials

React.js Essentials 1st Edition [pdf]

Artemij Fedosejev (Author) Amazon Book description Build maintainable and performant user interfaces for your web applications using React.js Create reusable React.js components to save time...
Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript 2nd Edition [pdf]

Marijn Haverbeke (Author) Amazon Book description JavaScript lies at the heart of almost every modern web application, from social apps to the newest browser-based games. Though...

Learning Node.js for Mobile Application Development [pdf]

by Stefan Buttigieg (Author), Milorad Jevdjenic (Author) Amazon Book description Use Node.js to satisfy the core backend requirements...
Node Web Development

Node Web Development [pdf]

David Herron (Author) Amazon Book description A practical introduction to Node Web Development, the exciting new server-side JavaScript web development stack Go from nothing to a...

Reactive Programming with JavaScript [pdf]

Jonathan Hayward (Author) Amazon Book description Learn to develop webapps for Facebook's front-end development using ReactJS Use functional reactive programming with ReactJS ...
The CLI Book

The CLI Book Writing successful command-line clients with Node.js [pdf]

Robert Kowalski (Author) Book description The CLI Book is your step-by-step guide to write Command Line Clients with Node.js. Learn everything what makes Command Line Clients...

Sails.js Essentials [pdf]

Shaikh Shahid (Author) Amazon Book description Key Features Gain expertise in building web apps with Sails.js Develop apps such as real-time chat app...
Mastering JavaScript High Performance

Mastering JavaScript High Performance [pdf]

Chad R. Adams (Author) Amazon Book description Test and optimize JavaScript code efficiently Build faster and more proficient JavaScript programs for web...

Mastering TypeScript (2015) [pdf]

Nathan Rozentals (Author) Amazon Book description Focus on test-driven development to help build quality applications that are modular, scalable, maintainable, and adaptable. Practical examples that...
Mastering JavaScript - Explore and Master Modern JavaScript Techniques in Order to Build Large-Scale Web Applications (2016)

Mastering JavaScript – Explore and Master Modern JavaScript Techniques (2016) [pdf]

Ved Antani (Author) Amazon Book description Key Features Write powerful code with the high-level functions that JavaScript offers Test and debug issues with...

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CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 Official Cert Guide

CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 Official Cert Guide

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The Definitive Guide to Firebase

The Definitive Guide to Firebase

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CSS in Depth

CSS in Depth

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Assessing and Improving Prediction and Classification

Assessing and Improving Prediction and Classification

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

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