Learning React Native [PDF]

Learning React Native
Learning React Native


This book is an introduction to React Native, Facebook’s JavaScript framework for building mobile applications. Using your existing knowledge of JavaScript and React, you’ll be able to build and deploy fully featured mobile applications for both iOS and
Android that truly renders natively. Just because it’s JavaScript doesn’t mean we should settle for less. There are plenty of advantages to working with React Native over traditional means of mobile development, and we don’t need to sacrifice the native look and feel.

We’ll start with the basics, and work our way up to deploying a full-fledged application to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, with 100% code reuse between the two platforms. In addition to the essentials of the framework, we’ll discuss how to work beyond it, including how to make use of third-party libraries and even how to write your own Java or Objective-C libraries to extend React Native.

If you’re coming to mobile development from the perspective of a frontend software engineer or web developer, this is the book for you. React Native is a pretty amazing thing, and I hope you’re as excited to explore it as I am!

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