CMMI for Development


Book Description:

This practical book offers best practices to be followed for CMMi implementation. It allows the reader to discover and avoid the mistakes that are commonly made while implementing CMMi practices in their work areas. You’ll experience how easy, yet concise the CMMi practice description is and how quickly and efficiently it can be implemented to your work processes.

CMMi is a popular software process improvement model developed by the US department of Defence Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon University). This model is extensively used by software professionals and organizations worldwide. CMMI for Development: Implementation Guide is a step by step guide to change the way people interpret and implement CMMi in their organizations.

What You Will Learn
  • What CMMi is and how to benefit from itDetect and rectify common mistakes
  • Best practices and methods to implement CMMi
  • How to define your processes using CMMi
  • How to use these processes in your work areas and collect improvement data
  • How to prepare your work area and organization for CMMi appraisal
Who is this book for
This book is targeted towards and variety of audiences; namely Program Managers, Project Managers, Development Leads, Test Leads, Quality Professionals, Training Professionals.

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