Cocos2D Game Development Essentials


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Book Description:

Focusing on the multiplatform nature of Cocos2D, this fast, fun, and helpful guide provides you with the best practices and sharpest techniques to turn your ideas into reality.

Beginning with the basics to give you a solid foundation of knowledge, such as how to display sprites on screen and organizing your game into different scenes, you will then discover how to use Cocos2D’s in-built graphics editor, SpriteBuilder, to lay out your scenes, design animations, and configure complex physics interactions. You will also find out how to make your game interactive, as the book explores how to accept input touches and the accelerator.

The book is tailored to new users and also those who are upgrading from the old version.

What You Will Learn

  • Use sprites and nodes to create scenes to form the foundation of your game
  • Discover how SpriteBuilder and its graphical tools can be used to develop your game and increase its complexity
  • Design professional, impressive, and fun-filled animations
  • Create an impressive user interface for an engaging gaming experience
  • Explore and use physics engines for attractive gameplay and use them to add a professional finish to your game
  • Add physics to your game for a more realistic experience
  • Accept user input through a variety of methods including touch and accelerometer

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