Go Bootcamp [PDF]

Go Bootcamp
Go Bootcamp

Everything you need to know to get started with Go


After the reading this book (Go Bootcamp), we expect the readers to get with the following knowledge, skills, and attributes.


  • pros/cons of static typing in Go
  • what makes Go unique
  • what is Go particularly good at
  • what are the challenging parts of Go


  • How to do data modeling with Go
  • know how to test code
  • How to organize code in packages
  • know how to write documentation


  • know how to use JSON marshaling
  • How to build a web API (depending on exercises)
  • know how to test a web API (depending on exercises)
  • How to cross compile
  • know how to use the key go tools


  • value the potential of the Go language
  • can argue when to use Go vs using “legacy language”
  • consider using Go for a future project

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