Java 2: Programs with a graphical user interface

programs with a graphical user interface
programs with a graphical user interface


This book is the second in a series of books on software development in Java. The subject is an introduction to the development of programs with a graphical user interface and thus also an introduction to Swing. The goal is to present as much of Swing, that the reader will be able to write small GUI applications that have practical interest. The book assumes a basic knowledge of Java corresponding to the book Java 1 of this series.


  1. Introduction
  2. Hello Swing
  3. Fonts and colors
  4. Dialog boxes
  5. More components
  6. Layout and the component’s size
    1. The component’s size
    2. BorderLayout
    3. Flow layout
    4. Grid layout
    5. Gridbaglayout
    6. Box layout
    7. Null layout
    8. MVC
  7. Paedit
    1. The model
    2. The view
  8. Final example
    1. the program’s classes
    2. Programming
  9. A last example
    1. Creating the library
    2. The test program

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