JavaScript: The Ultimate Crash Course [pdf]

JavaScript: The Ultimate Crash Course
JavaScript: The Ultimate Crash Course

JavaScript: The Ultimate Crash Course Learning JavaScript within a Day with New Approach for Faster Programming (Save Time and Effort) (English Edition)


Author: JM Shepal

Programming can seem like an uphill task especially if it is your first time to learn a programming language. It is not easy and it can be intimidating but learning it is easy! You can actually learn to programme in a day! JavaScript is one of the easiest yet very important programming languages today.

Its importance and benefits to the programmer cannot be underestimated as well, therefore learning JavaScript programming will definitely be rewarding and exciting. The key to understanding JavaScript programming lies in mastering the basics, learning some skills and tricks, gathering all the tools you will need and dedicating so much time to it.

Why You need this book?

  • Understand the Basics of programming
  • To have an in-depth knowledge of everything about JavaScript
  • To make the most out of programming for the Benefits
  • Learn how to create and interpret codes with ease
  • To improve your IT and programming skills
  • Enjoy the fun involved with programming
  • To be able to fit into the current employment sector

To make good use of your computer

  • Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…
  • What JavaScript Programming is all About
  • JavaScript Syntax Basics
  • Importance of Learning ProgrammingGetting Started in JavaScript
  • Requirements to Program in JavaScript Language
  • Variables and Operators
  • JavaScript Loops and Functions
  • Programming like an Expert
  • Much Much More!


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