JQuery UI in Action [PDF]

JQuery UI in Action
JQuery UI in Action

Who is this book for?

This book assumes that you have basic knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. If you’re not an expert don’t despair—when intermediate- and advanced-level concepts are brought up, they’re explained. If you’re finding yourself a bit overwhelmed, appendix A discusses resources for getting up to speed. On the flip side, if you’re an expert don’t despair either. We’ll build a number of real-world examples and discuss advanced aspects of the library throughout the book.

Who is jQuery UI?

Development on jQuery UI (as well as all jQuery projects) is coordinated by the jQuery Foundation—a nonprofit association funded by community contributions of time and money.

The jQuery UI team is a group of eight individuals (I am one of them) scattered throughout the world. I became enthralled with jQuery UI after I discovered the amazing number of things the library could do with a small amount of code. I started submitting
bug fixes and documentation and haven’t looked back.

I hope you become as excited about the library as I am. The jQuery UI project is primarily community and volunteer driven, and there’s always plenty to do!

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