Lean Mobile App Development [PDF]

Lean Mobile App Development
Lean Mobile App Development

Develop lean iOS and Android apps using industry standard techniques and lean development practices.

About Lean Mobile App Development

  • Build ready-to-deploy apps with less iterations and shorter development times
  • Adopt the lean startup methodologies to develop iOS and Android apps that shine in the App Store
  • This hands-on guide puts continuous innovation into practice to develop successful mobile apps

Who This Book Is For

Lean Mobile App Development is for developers, CTOs, and architects working for a startup or another kind of lean startup environment, such as start-up within a cooperation. It is is ideal for any iOS and Android developer who wants to build successful mobile apps by adopting the lean startup methodology.

What You Will Learn

  • Apply the lean startup methodology to real Android and iOS development
  • Define what your hypotheses are by creating an Minimal Viable Product
  • Validate your idea against the Business Model Canvas
  • Gather feedback through statistics and by getting user comments, learn from it, and adapt your app accordingly
  • Develop skills and devise strategies to build versatile and flexible apps that meet changing business requirements
  • Investigate the possibilities when you need to pivot your start-up idea whether in a startup or an established business.
  • Create a successful app and get tips on how to boostconversion and how to optimize the on boardingprocess.

Lean Mobile App Development In Detail

Lean is the ultimate methodology for creating a startup that succeeds. Sounds great from a theoretical point of view, but what does that mean for you as an a technical co-founder or mobile developer?

By applying the Lean Start-up methodology to your mobile App development, it will become so much easier to build apps that take Google Play or the App Store by storm. This book shows you how to bring together smarter business processes with technical know-how.

It makes no sense to develop a brilliant app for six months or longer only to find out later that nobody is interested in it. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. Validate your hypotheses early and often. Discover effective product development strategies that let you put Facebook’s famous axiom “move fast and break things” into practice.

A great app without visibility and marketing clout is nothing, so use this book to market your app, making use of effective metrics that help you track and iterate all aspects of project performance.

Style and approach

This book takes a hands-on approach to developing apps through the Lean Start-up Methodology. Following a 50% business and 50% tech approach, this book is filled with practical examples and real-world experiments.


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