Learning NServiceBus Persistence


Book Description:

Starting with the basics, this book will provide you with all the skills you need to successfully design, develop, and architect C# enterprise systems with ESBs. From the beginning itself, this book will cover how ESB persists data and messages, how to create different enterprise scenarios, and how to design and customize different areas of NServiceBus. You will be taken through IBus characteristics followed by Persistent and NServiceBus Saga architectures. You will get to know about the basics of persistence and the supporting frameworks for persistence, followed by SQL queuing and database logging.

This will be followed by an in-depth look at the Saga architecture, which will cover the mechanics, message mapping, and internal configuration, as well as tips on how to avoid certain common errors. You will get to know how ESBs provide an enhanced quality of software through the use of security, logging, monitoring, notification, and persisting objects and messages. You will also become acquainted with persistent entity snippets and labs, and will gain an insight into workflows as well.

What You Will Learn

  • Create and customize messages to be used in various enterprise architectures using ESB designs
  • Use various tools for monitoring and sending notifications for NServiceBus using persistence
  • Generate examples to cover the various uses of NServiceBus using persistence for recurring business requirements
  • Design NServiceBus solutions for various uses
  • Understand the different components of NServiceBus and its configurations
  • Build enterprise systems with NServiceBus with minimal effort
  • Extend the use of ESBs for future use

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