Learning Splunk Web Framework

Learning Splunk Web Framework
Learning Splunk Web Framework

Book Description:

Building rich applications on the Web using Splunk is now simpler than ever before with the Splunk Web Framework. It empowers developers to build their own web applications with custom dashboards, tables, charts, form searches, and other functionalities in the datasets at their disposal.

The book will start with the fundamentals of the Splunk Web Framework, teaching you the secrets of building interesting and user-friendly applications. In the first application, you will learn to analyze and monitor traffic hitting the NASA website and learn to create dashboards for it. You will then learn additional, and more detailed, techniques to enhance the functionalities of the app such as dashboards and forms, editing simple XML, using simple XML extensions, tokens, post-process searches, dynamic drill-downs, the Splunk Web Framework, and REST API, and much more. The second app will use historical stock market data and will create custom dashboards using Splunk Web Framework; the book will now cover important topics such as creating HTML dashboards, enhancing the visual appeal of the app using CSS, and moving your app with SplunkJS.

The book will provide different and interesting examples instead of the usual “Log, Index, Search, and Graph” so that Splunk will be the first tool readers think of to resolve a problem.

What you will learn

  • Master the fundamentals of Splunk Web Framework
  • Start thinking of Splunk as a complete development platform to build user-friendly apps
  • Extend the functionality of your apps using SimpleXML techniques
  • Set up dashboard layouts, navigation, and menus in your apps
  • Create simple dashboard elements including charts and tables
  • Master the art of interacting with searches and dashboards
  • Integrate SplunkJS to add visual appeal to your website

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