Manga Studio For Dummies

    Manga Studio For Dummies
    Manga Studio For Dummies

    Book Description:

    Love Manga? The newest features of Manga Studio help you bring your ideas to life! The tools available in the latest version of this powerful program make it easy to turn your computer into your drawing board, and Manga Studio For Dummies makes it easy to get started.

    Discover how to use Manga Studio to begin creating comics in manga or Western styles, add color to your creations, and share them with your adoring public. It’s a breeze once you know your way around the program. Manga may have begun in Japan, but Manga Studio For Dummies is written in plain English and shows you how to:

    • Build and use page templates
    • Rough in your comic with penciling techniques
    • Work 100% digital, or use a combination of digital and traditional tools if you prefer
    • Work with layers, rulers, and panels
    • Add speech bubbles and sound effects text
    • Ink your work and add tones
    • Prepare your creations for print or distribution on the Web

    Written by a working digital artist, Manga Studio For Dummies covers both Manga Studio Debut and EX versions. As an added bonus, it even gives you a peek into the world of manga and comics in general. With the help of Manga Studio For Dummies, you just might find yourself among the comic artists whose work populates the Web and gathers thousands of fans!

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