Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Hotshot


Book Description:

Adobe Premiere Pro has become synonymous with video editing, in the same way Photoshop has become a byword for image manipulation. To unlock the true potential of this powerful software you don’t need you to take expensive training courses or spend hours trying to get your footage “just right”. Work through this practical guide and truly master Premiere Pro CS6 using real footage with engaging examples.

Using the included source material (available via digital download), this book will help you discover a plethora of features and functionality hidden within Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 that can truly augment your skills and take your footage to the next level. By covering a diverse array of topics in a practical manner, you will gain a full understanding of how to approach pretty much any video editing project you want to tackle with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Starting off with an entry-level project to get both new and existing users up to speed, “Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6″ dives right into a series of engaging real-world projects that help you understand how you can harness Premiere ProĆ¢€™s full potential. With an explicit focus on practical real-world projects from concept to publication, this is the definitive guide for people who want to make the most out of this powerful software.

As you progress through the book you’ll encounter problems of poorly shot footage; news reporters who stumble over their dialog and camera crews who fail to deliver key scenes, leaving you to scavenge and then hide your trail. Not only will you develop a full understanding of how core features work, you’ll also have a clear grasp on how to make your footage stand out from the crowd.

What you will learn from this book

  • Use actual real-world examples to learn advanced editing workflows.
  • Find out how you can manipulate sounds and images.
  • Work with real-life effects; explosions, smoke, and exported 3D models.
  • Master automatic features that save you time and help create a better edit.
  • Delve into the world of frame accurate editing using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Learn how the different trim modes, Ripple and Rolling, actually work.
  • Speed up your Timeline workflow with the Insert and Extract functions.
  • Tame long clips using the sub-clip function.
  • Create frame accurate edits using the 3 and 4-Point edit technique.
  • Use CS6 filters to create special effects (muzzle flashes and SF effects) and even motion backgrounds.
  • Construct multi-layered effect compositions using the Nested Sequence function

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