Material Design implementation with AngularJS


Material Design implementation with AngularJSPDF Download for free:

Book Description:

This book is about building high-quality web and mobile user interfaces (UI) that are interactive, fluid, and provide a consistent experience across devices from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

Use a Material Design approach to position elements and create animations along with principles of the sophisticated AngularJS JavaScript framework. Take advantage of Angular Material, a UI component framework that works out of the box to design web pages that adapt to various screen sizes and adhere to Material Design specifications.

This book teaches you how to:

  • Develop a UI that adheres to Material Design principles using Angular Material, a UI component framework
  • Use various Angular Material elements, directives, and services in conjunction with CSS3 Flexbox for layout management
  • Use best practice design techniques to develop a responsive UI to fit multiple devices and screen sizes from desktop to tablet to mobile phone
  • Develop web apps for both mobile and desktop form factors and screen sizes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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