Practical Swift


Book Description:

This is the ideal guide to walk you through Xcode and all the latest features Swift 3 has to offer.

If you have picked up this book, chances are you know a little bit about Swift Programming. With Practical Swift you’ll develop an advanced understanding of the language that will enable you to create a reference guide using Xcode Playgrounds, one you can continue to grow throughout your iOS career.

This book not only shows you how to code in a clean and concise manner, but also the why behind the code.  Understanding why will be instrumental in your advancement as a Swift developer.

What You’ll learn:·         The evolution of Swift and the latest features in Swift 3

·         Architecture and Design Patterns

·         Protocol Oriented Programming·         Swift Generics

·         Testing Swift Code

·         Building an iOS App with Core Data from scratch

Who This Book Is For:

The primary audience for this book is developers who have started learning iOS and Swift and want to learn more of the intermediate to advanced topics available in Swift. The secondary audience is developers who have experience in iOS and Swift and want a good reference book for concepts they might already know, but are looking to re-enforce.

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