Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud
Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud Book Description:

In this age of data economy, data analytics is recognized as a key differentiator for companies trying to gain a sustainable competitive advantage and outperform their peers. However, the complexity of establishing an analytical architecture due to a wide array of disparate technical capabilities offered by a plethora of vendors makes the deployment of an on-premise solution a daunting task. For this reason, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud has captured the imagination from of both IT and business communities.

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud represents the rethinking of analytics for the business user. The Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform designed for the business user to have access to analytics “on the go,” providing answers to questions instantly on any device. This mobile-ready capability of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud means users can immediately collaborate and share insights with team members right inside Salesforce. Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud

  • A practical guide to Salesforce Analytics Cloud, including Wave Platform, Builder, and Explorer.
  • Detailed business analytics use cases in various industries (e.g., retail, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications).
  • Architecture and best practices for integration, security, hybrid cloud coexistence, and governance.

Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the first comprehensive book on Salesforce Analytics and provides a holistic architecture view of different analytical capabilities and how they fit into the overall information architecture. It features real-world industry use cases and demonstrates how Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud solves business challenges and brings real value to the organization.

About the Author

William Smith is Chief Architect at Vendita Technology Group, and where he is in charge of the Advanced Product Group. William is patented inventor of engineered systems for database and analytic systems, based on a converged infrastructure featuring both RISC and X86 processors. He is the co-author of Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (McGraw-Hill/Oracle Press) and has more than two decades experience as an enterprise architect with a strong background in decision support systems and analytics. William’s early career experience includes working with data from manufacturing control systems and instrumentation in industries that include plastics, petrochemicals, glass, food, and extrusion processes. William has enterprise systems experience in higher education, finance, consumer research, and healthcare. His strong database administration and programming skills have enabled him to address analytical systems with a comprehensive and complete set of technical knowledge, resulting in top-down designed systems and architectures. In the area of analytics, William began working in the area of predictive failures and statistical process control. Later projects included utilization of advanced analytics technologies to provide insight into consumer research, institutional research, clinical informatics, and finance. William is currently working with customers making use of Big Data and is developing innovative solutions utilizing Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

Helen Sun, PhD, is the Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing at Motorola Solutions with over 16 years of business and technology leadership experience in various industries including financial services, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities and with deep experience and proven expertise in analytics solutions and enterprise architecture. She is the co-author of Oracle Big Data Handbook and Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (McGraw-Hill/Oracle Press). Helen is considered one of the Big Data luminaries in the industry.

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