Symfony Best Practices Book 3.3 [PDF]

Symfony Best Practices Book 3.3
Symfony Best Practices Book 3.3

The Symfony Framework is well-known for being really flexible and is used to build micro-sites, enterprise applications that handle billions of connections and even as the basis for other frameworks. Since its release in July 2011, the community has learned a lot about what’s possible and how to do things best. These community resources – like blog posts or presentations – have created an unofficial set of recommendations for developing Symfony applications. Unfortunately, a lot of these recommendations are unneeded for web applications. Much of the time, they unnecessarily overcomplicate things and don’t follow the original pragmatic philosophy of Symfony.


  • The Symfony Framework Best Practices – 4
  • Creating the Project – 6
  • Configuration – 9
  • Organizing Your Business Logic – 13
  • Controllers – 19
  • Templates – 23
  • Forms – 26
  • Internationalization – 30
  • Security – 32
  • Web Assets – 38
  • Tests – 40

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