Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook


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Book Description:

Vagrant allows you to use virtualization and cloud technologies to power faster, efficient, and sharable development environments. It duplicates the development environment to allow users to easily share and combine data on different machines and also takes care of security concerns.

Each recipe of Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook provides practical information on using Vagrant to solve specific problems and additional resources to help you learn more about the techniques demonstrated.

With recipes ranging from getting new users acquainted with Vagrant, to setting up multimachine environments, you will be able to develop common project types and solutions with the help of this practical guide.

What You Will Learn

  • Define single and multiple virtual machine Vagrant environments
  • Provision Vagrant environments in a consistent and repeatable manner with various configuration management tools
  • Control powerful cloud resources from a desktop development environment
  • Use Vagrant to publish and share development environments
  • Start and expand your Vagrant environment with community resources
  • Share resources on a development machine with a virtual Vagrant environment

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