A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R [PDF]

A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R

This book is intended as a guide to data analysis with the R system for statistical computing. R is an environment incorporating an implementation of the S programming language, which is powerful, flexible and has excellent graphical facilities (R Development Core Team, 2005). In the Handbook we aim to give relatively brief and straightforward descriptions of how to conduct
a range of statistical analyses using R. Each chapter deals with the analysis appropriate for one or several data sets.

A brief account of the relevant statistical background is included in each chapter along with appropriate references, but our prime focus is on how to use R and how to interpret results. We hope the book will provide students and researchers in many disciplines with a self-contained means of using R to analyse their data.

R is an open-source project developed by dozens of volunteers for more than ten years now and is available from the Internet under the General Public Licence. R has become the lingua franca of statistical computing. Increasingly, implementations of new statistical methodology first appear as R add-on packages. In some communities, such as in bioinformatics, R already is the primary workhorse for statistical analyses. Because the sources of the R system are open and available to everyone without restrictions and because of its powerful language and graphical capabilities, R has started to become the main computing engine for reproducible statistical research (Leisch, 2002a,b, 2003, Leisch and Rossini, 2003, Gentleman, 2005)

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