Prezi Essentials


Book Description:

Do you dread sitting through a presentation while someone clicks through endless dull slides? If so, then you will love the presentation tool Prezi. Unlike traditional presentation software, Prezi allows you to create non-linear presentations that easily embed your own content or content from the web and can be easily shared via a link.

This book will be your indispensable companion through the exciting journey of learning Prezi. It will guide you through everything you need to know to get started using the existing content and by bringing in new custom materials you’ve created. This guide contains helpful advice on practical considerations when designing presentations in Prezi. From considering the color scheme to designing the layout, this book will give you useful hints and tips.

What You Will Learn

  • Transform your PowerPoint slides into a Prezi presentation
  • Create and customize presentations using the Prezi templates
  • Edit themes and add 3D backgrounds using the in-built wizard or CSS code
  • Embed custom graphics and multimedia content into your presentation
  • Work with external tools such as Adobe Illustrator to import your own content
  • Make your content work together by adding timings, animations, and paths
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients across traditional space and time constraints
  • Share your presentation with desired audiences and get feedback on your work

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