Scaling Your Node.js Apps

Scaling Your Node.js Apps
Scaling Your Node.js Apps

Book Description:

Take your Node.js application into production-ready status, capable of scaling up to whatever your needs might be. You’ll discover that architecting for successful, popular sites is an essential tool of any professional Node.js developer, and learning to scale your own applications is a great place to start.

Using this book you will learn when to scale, what factors should trigger scaling, and what architectural techniques are best suited for scaling. You will also explore common pitfalls that arise when scaling a Node.js application and solutions to correct them.

Including analyses of success cases at the largest-scale companies, such as Netflix and Paypal,   this book will get you started with scaling in no time at all.

What You’ll Learn

  • Determine what factors should trigger the need to scale
  • Discover different architectural patterns that lend themselves to scaling
  • Resolve problems that arise when scaling up a Node.js application
  • Monitor a platform in order to understand when to start scaling

Who This Book Is For

The main audience for this book is Node.js developers with a mid-level understanding of the technology. Novice Node users will also benefit from the coverage of generic scaling-related topics.

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