Spring Boot 2 Recipes

Spring Boot 2 Recipes
Spring Boot 2 Recipes

Book Description:

Solve all your Spring Boot 2 problems using complete and real-world code examples. When you start a new project, you’ll be able to copy the code and configuration files from this book, and then modify them for your needs. This can save you a great deal of work over creating a project from scratch.
Using a problem-solution approach, Spring Boot 2 Recipes quickly introduces you to Pivotal’s Spring Boot 2 micro-framework, then dives into code snippets on how to apply and integrate Spring Boot 2 with the Spring MVC web framework, Spring Web Sockets, and microservices. You’ll also get solutions to common problems with persistence, integrating Spring Boot with batch processing, algorithmic programming via Spring Batch, and much more. Other recipes cover topics such as using and integrating Boot with Spring’s enterprise services, Spring Integration, testing, monitoring and more.
What You’ll Learn
  • Get reusable code recipes and snippets for the Spring Boot 2 micro-framework
  • Discover how Spring Boot 2 integrates with other Spring APIs, tools, and frameworks
  • Access Spring MVC and the new Spring Web Sockets for simpler web development
  • Work with microservices for web services development and integration with your Spring Boot applications
  • Add persistence and a data tier seamlessly to make your Spring Boot web application do more
  • Integrate enterprise services to create a more complex Java application using Spring Boot
Who This Book Is For
Experienced Java and Spring programmers.


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