Symfony Book 2.4 [PDF]

Symfony Book 2.4
Symfony Book 2.4

Symfony and HTTP Fundamentals

By learning about Symfony, you’re well on your way towards being a more productive, well-rounded and popular web developer (actually, you’re on your own for the last part).

Symfony is built to get back to basics: to develop tools that let you develop faster and build more robust applications while staying out of your way. Symfony is built on the best ideas from many technologies: the tools and concepts you’re about to learn to represent the efforts of thousands of people, over many years.

In other words, you’re not just learning “Symfony”, you’re learning the fundamentals of the web, development best practices, and how to use many amazing new PHP libraries, inside or independently of Symfony.

True to the Symfony philosophy, this chapter begins by explaining the fundamental concept common to web development: HTTP. Regardless of your background or preferred programming language, this chapter is a must-read for everyone.

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