Best Programming Books – YOU NEED TO READ

Best Programming Books
Best Programming Books

The Best Programming Books to Read Right Now if You Want to Distinguish Yourself!

1- Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

Data Scientist
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

This book is aimed at the data scientist with some familiarity with the R programming language and with some prior (perhaps spotty or ephemeral) exposure to statistics. Both of us came to the world of data science from the world of statistics, so we have some appreciation of the contribution that statistics can make to the art of data science. At the same time, we are well aware of the limitations of traditional statistics instruction: statistics as a discipline is a century and a half old, and most statistics textbooks and courses are laden with the momentum and inertia of an ocean liner.

2- Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular

Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular
Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular

This book will you get you up and running with Angular and teach how to build modern web applications. It starts with basics of Angular 2 and then brushes you up with the new features of Angular 4. You will learn the core concepts involved in building web applications with Angular such as Data Binding, Routing, Dependency Injection, and much more. The book teaches how to build components and use them to build web apps of your choice. It will help you to handle different kinds of forms and learn the concept of reactive programming. Finally, the book teaches how to build visually appealing and responsive UIs.

3- C++ How to Program (9th Edition)

C++ How to Program
C++ How to Program
This bestseller on c++ provides a clear, simple, engaging and entertaining introduction to c++11 programming with hundreds of fully coded programs. Features of book-rich coverage of fundamentals. A clear, example-driven presentation of objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Conforms to the new c++11 standards. Standard library containers, iterators, and algorithms. Adheres to key cert secure c++ coding guidelines. Code tested on key free compilers: gnu g++, Microsoft visual c++ and apple llvm. Gnu gdb, visual c++ and Xcode debugging. Making a difference exercises set. Exception handling, strings, files, data structures. Extensive real world 00 case studies, including the optional design atm case study.

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