Java 15: More about JavaFX

java 15 more about javafx


This book is a continuation to Java 14 and together the two books give a good background for using JavaFX. The current book has focused on JavaFX properties and data bindings, but also treats the basic architecture of a JavaFX application as Model-View-Presenter. Other important topics are advanced controls like TableView and TreeView and also topics like drag-and-drop, charts, and 3D graphics are treated.


  1. Introduction
  2. JavaFX properties
    1. Binding properties
    2. Observable collections
    3. Binding observable collections
    4. Binding persons
    5. The screen
    6. Decorations
    7. Modality
  3. Advanced controls
    1. TableView
    2. Edit cells in a TableView
    3. Filters
    4. A TreeView control
    5. A TreeView with Country objects
    6. A TreeTableView
    7. A TreeTableView, an extended example
  4. Drag and drop
    1. Simple press-drag-release gesture
    2. Full press-drag-release gesture
    3. Drag-and-drop gesture
  5. MVC
  6. User defined controls
    1. A LabelField
    2. A Canvas
    3. A Spinner
  7. JavaFX and concurrency
    1. A Task
    2. A Service
  8. 3D Shapes
    1. Box, Sphere and Cylinder
    2. Material
    3. Draw mode
    4. Cull face
    5. Camera and Light
    6. A last remark
  9. Charts
  10. Final Example
    1. Development
    2. A simple prototype
    3. Drawing the axes
    4. Settings for the coordinate system
    5. Drawing a function from a formal
    6. The program architecture
    7. Drawing a plot
    8. Refactoring the expression dialog
    9. Implementing the Functions menu
    10. Implementing the Zoom menu
    11. Implementing the Edit menu
    12. Implementing the Calculations menu
    13. Implementing the File menu
    14. A final iteration
    15. A last remark

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